our pastries

We bake all of our pastries fresh every morning for you, which means sometimes we run out of certain items. There are a few favorites that we always have, but we love playing with flavors and ingredients that are in season.

Availability & Special orders

The following is a list of items we make, but not all of them are always available. Feel free to call us if you’re looking for something in particular. We do our best to make sure we have your favorite but if you know you just have to have a certain pastry or a larger quantity of something please give us a call-we'll have them all boxed up and waiting for you!


Pastries are generally between $2 and $4. Cookies and bars are generally between $.75 to $2.50




  • Plain

  • Chocolate

  • Twice Baked Chocolate Hazelnut

  • Twice Baked Almond

  • Twice Baked Black Forest Ham and Gruyere Cheese

Seasonal Mini Pies

  • Strawberry Rhubarb

  • Flathead Cherry and Almond

  • Pumpkin

  • Lemon Ricotta

Cookies and Bars

  • Banana Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal

  • Chocolate Chip

  • Farmor's Ginger

  • Power Cookies

  • Palmiers

  • Cranberry, Coconut and White Chocolate Bars

  • Salted Caramel Brownies  


  • Wholewheat with Fruit

  • Blueberry, Lemon and White Chocolate

  • Cranberry, Orange, and Walnut

Buns and Rolls

  • Orange Buns

  • Huckleberry Buns

  • Morning Buns

  • Sweet Potato Sticky Buns

  • Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Glaze

Fruit Turnovers

  • Apple

  • Blackberry

  • Sour Cherry


  • Raspberry

  • Cardamom Cherry


  • Better than Blueberry Muffin

  • Harvest Muffin